Friday, June 22, 2007


At least, that is what the calender says, so how come we all have on long sleeves, and the A/C is off? Today was an assortment of weather, sun, clouds, sprinkles, downpours, thunder and lightening!

Still working on moving my paper to the basement, yeah, I know, I think I have way too much, so how come I keep seeing all this paper I want/ I have to have, I have been very good and not bought any paper in the last month or two! I need to keep scrapping and use what I have, so I can justify buying more! The space is shaping up a bit...I have all these wire racks for storing paper that I got at AC Moore at a great price, combined with a 40% off coupon, I only paid $12!! I have 2 for 8 1/2 X 11, and 2 for 12 X 12. They are really super! After I have this one particular pile of paper down, then I am going to start setting up my new wire shelving, and start to get my fabric cubes organized. I am trying to decide what to do with my ribbon, it is all in a jumble in a fabric bin, and I need to dig to find what I want.....I'm thinking large glass jars for the loose ribbons, but still not sure what to do with the ribbon on reels.

All this moving of supplies, has got me really itching for a good scrappy session....I have some photos I particularly would like to scrap, so maybe I can just stop thinking about it and just get down to business!

Friday, June 1, 2007


Where did May go???? Here it is June already! I got a few pages done in May, so that was good! I hope to keep going with my scrap room to the basement....I am in the process of moving all my paper down there....I now have all my kits in wire cubes more or less organized, so I can just take one off the shelf and play with it. Once I have the paper all sorted and organized, then I think I am going to work on the embellishments, ribbons and fibers. I know that just getting organized is going to make me much more productive! If anyone has tips on how to sort their papers, I certainly would love the feedback!

4 SCrappy Sisters just underwent a face lift, and the new logo and the gallery look great! We had a "Going Down" challenge, and I did this LO for it! I like the way it came out....thanks for the challenge 4SS!! The photo was taken quite a few years is one of my favorites of my Mother and Godsister...why not sort through your photos and find one of your older favorite pictures of your family that hasn't made it into a frame, a scrapbook or photo album and scrap it this month? That way you can enjoy looking at it instead of wondering where it went.

Hope that where ever you are this finds you enjoying some fine weather and the feeling you would get as a child towards the end of school anticipating the summer stretching out before you!