Wednesday, April 30, 2008


For my April A Muse swap I made this card, it was to tell a little something about yourself. I just love that first cup of tea in the morning!!!

This was the card I made for my April A Muse bumper card. It's Elzybell thinking " Good friends never go out of style!" I angled the black pretty little paper out to be like an awning over Elzybell's window.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Virtual Meeting of the A Muse Addicts!!!! 

The theme for the evening was the 70's! We had to make 4 cards in 2 hours, completing each card in 30 minutes!!! And we had a bonus surprise from Linda to make it 5 cards total!!!

What a blast we had, chatting on Yahoo messenger, getting a chance to peek in on our fellow addicts through WebCam technology! Really makes the world a smaller place, Me here on the East Coast the Linden Tree Inn in Rockport, Massachussets, having a look in on the A Muse store over in Seattle, Washington!!! Getting to see Jen D and Jenn S!!

I got all the challenges done within the time frame,  as well as sneaking in a second one for the first challenge, I got so carried away in the beginning! LOL!

So here is a slide presentation to showcase my VMAA creations!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Come and crop at Scrapcity!! They are hosting a weekend online crop. Lots of fun challenges and great prizes!! Crops at the 'City are always tons of fun!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well, it's a bit of a stretch for those of you that know me, but I have been taking some time to organize my scrappy supplies....this week I took on my dozens of little dollar bin clear stamp sets that I got at Michael's and AC Moore. I had at least put them all in one bin, but I would have to dig through them to find what I wanted, and would give up when I couldn't find what I wanted right away......well, as part of another project, (ripping all my CDs into iTunes on my new MacBook Pro, I am discarding all the plastic cases and putting all the liner notes and cds into a CD case, to cut down on how much space they take up.) So I have all these plastic cases going to the dump, so I decided to repurpose them into clear stamp holders. I put all the little sets into the CD cases, and organized them all by theme. When I realized I would no longer need my wood CD organizer for CDs,  I labeled the spines of my new CD stamp holders, and slid them in, another great repurpose! And now I can find any stamp easily!
The wood Cd organizer repurposed to hold my stamp sets, along with the bin they had all been in, and a few other sets of clear stamps that didn't go with the others.

This is how the cd/stamp holders are all labeled for easy searching. 

This is how I have them all stored, in the repurposed cd organizer! The pink bin is where they were all in a jumbled mess. Now the ones that don't go with these sets are also in their own cd case holders, ready for me to figure out another place for them....heck, maybe just on top of the organizer...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Everytime I look at this photo it brings me back to the day it was taken, and how significant an event it captured...the photo is lousy, fuzzy....but for me I will remember the anxiety and waiting, but by the end of the afternoon, the complete and utter joy!