Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This past week, I had Babu the baboon (puppet..) visiting the inn with his puppeteer "Mom" Joan...Babu really enjoyed his stay, but at times, got himself into a little mischief .as young baboons are want to do. Of course, the scrapbooker in me couldn't help but "catch" him as he performed his naughty acts, and the photos just begged to be made into an altered book....so, here it is, from start to finish....and the book got to go home with Joan, so that Babu could remember his vacation adventures.......  :)


twinklescrapbooks said...

I love all the swirls! You have been one busy scrapper!

jen t. said...

hi tobey! love your blog! your a winner on my blog! congrats!!! jen t:) www.jentscrappysideofme.blogspot.com

Leslie said...

How hilarious!!! I love it Tobey! What fun & such a great gift!

Puppet Mama said...

Hi Tobey!
Can't tell you how many kids and adults have LOVED looking at Babu's vacation scrapbook that you created for him. He takes it with him everywhere he goes. He is collecting art materials now for the next trip to the Linden Tree Inn so that he can do his interpretation of Motif #1. He claims we have rooms booked there once each month for the next 6 months. Hmmm...I don't remember doing that! I have may have to send him along via RR. He got some new school clothes that he wants me to photograph him in. Will send those along soon. (He doesn't go to public school, as we home school him, but we let him get clothes at the dollar store.)

Hope all is well with you folks in Rockport.

Take care,
Joan & Babu

happydays525 said...

What a fun thing to do, I love it Tobey and how fun for the person getting to take it home!!!!!! =)

Hope all is well your way,


createalways said...

OMG Tobey, you just had too much fun taking those photos of babou!!!! Was the guest count a little low that day. hehehe
Love that you made this for Joan. WTG!! Its adorable.