Saturday, January 23, 2010


Party in the Lounge tonight, The A Muse Lounge that is, it was a Pajama Party!!! 2 hours, 4 challenges, 30 minutes to complete each card before the next challenge was posted! Add on to that being on Yahoo, chatting and webcams going it was great fun and always goes by way too fast!! Here are my 4 cards that I got done!!

Challenge #1 was to make a card for your celebrity crush, can you guess who I picked? No it is not Bela Legosi, but none other than Edward!!

Challenge #2 was to make a card for your BFF!! if you are my BFF, DON'T LOOK!! just kidding you can look!! LOL!

Challenge #3 was really the most challenging! No layers, no extra paper, just the card!!!! but I think this came out cute, and could be a BFF card too!!

Challenge #4, didn't I do this for challenge #1??? Use only the colors red, black and white!! My faves anyway! So I made this cute thinking of you card!!

So much fun tonight!! Thanks for looking!! And Thanks to A Muse for hosting the fun!!!

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jenn shurkus said...

they look great tobey!! :)