Thursday, December 27, 2007

Can you believe, I have been tagged again?

OK, so 7 more random facts about me......

1. I started stamping to help a child I was taking care of participate in art activities.....
2. I started a toy lending library of toys adapted for young children with severe motor disabilites
3. I love the ocean, but hate the sand on the beach in the gets into and sticks to everything! (yuck!)
4. I have been a Mac user since 1985/86 when they first came out....and have always only owned a Mac, until we bought the inn......I use the PC only because of the business (and to access the internet because it is faster than my old 1999 iMac)
5. I went to Fleur de Lis Camp for girls in the summer, it was an overnight camp in Fitzwilliam, NH, and I loved it....the first 3 years I went for a month, the last 2 years I went for 2 months, my favorite activity after canoeing was arts and crafts!
6. My BFF (and college roomie) and I were introduced to each other by our mothers at our college orientation, but we didn't become roommates and BFF till our junior year.
7. I really hate icky sticky stuff on my hands

Ok, 7 more random things for you to ponder.....and since everyone I know that blogs has been tagged twice over, I will not torture anyone else...however, if you have not been tagged and are reading this and want to play, feel free to consider yourself tagged and go for it! rules are in my original post about being tagged below.....

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