Thursday, January 31, 2008


This weeks challenge was pocket cards.....I have been thinking about it most of the week....I so love my new Rocket and To the Moon stamps, as well as the Spots one too! So I had this wonderful epiphany this morning......why not make the rocket shoot up the card?? I had so much fun constructing this card!! Hope you like it....I am going to give it to my Sweetheart!!

Here is the card with the moon near the Earth....

And now here it is with the rocket up to the moon!
Here's a little tutorial on how I made my's the first tutorial I have written, I hope it is logical and understandable!! I would appreciate any feedback on how easy it is to follow. I selected a coffee colored a muse 4 bar card as my "pocket, and some light blue marbelized CS for the tag and the oval. I also used a small piece of blue vellum and transparent vellum
I did a little cut out at the bottom left of the card, stamped the spot stamp on some blue vellum with Brown StazOn ink, and adhered it to the back of the card with double sided tape.  I stamped the spots on transparent vellum with blue Versamark ink.  I then punched a circle out of light blue marbled CS for the tag for the pocket, and adhered it behind the opening.  I punched the oval out of the same light blue marbleized CS. I stamped the Love you to the Moon saying in the upper right portion of the card. The rocket was stamped on white CS, and colored in with black Spica pen and a blue Gel Writerz pen. I cut the circle out of the rocket, and pasted a picture of me in the window. I cut the rocket out, and then I attached it to the marbelized blue oval, and drew in the rocket smoke on the blue marbelized CS with the glitter pens.  For the slide function, I determined where I wanted the rocket to travel up the card and marked it, then I cut a slit in the front of the 4 bar card along the line I marked, I widened it to allow my brad to slide up and down easily without it being too wide so the brad would wobble in the tract. I put a brad through the oval under the tail of the rocket so that it doesn't show, then I slipped it through the slit in the front of the card, then punched a small hole in the tag and put the brad through the tag and secured it. You now have a tag/card/oval sandwich. The oval should slide up and down easy through the slit,  I then attached the ribbon at the top of the tag with a small white brad. I took a small piece of double sided foam tape and attached it to the inside of the picket right below the bottom of the tag in the "down" position. This makes the tag have a little more room to move in the pocket.  Then I taped the sides of the card with double sided tape, making sure that the tag had clearance to slide in and out comfortabley. I ten used stickels ice blue glitter on my "spot" Earth, and some copper glitter along the bottom of the card for a little extra sparkle.  One thing I did before using my a muse notecard and good CS was I did a mock up of the card in white CS to determine placement of the brad, the slit and size of he tag needed. This helped make the final construction a little smoother.

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Jennie M. said...

What a fun card Tobey! I love it! That is such a great idea to have the rocket go up to the moon! Thanks so much for doing the challenge!! :)